Gift ideas for Roommate who Missed Secret Santa? : Gifts

Hi guys! My roommate has been going through a really tough time recently with school and family stress. She isn’t going to be going to be going home for the holidays, so she was really looking forward to participating in the reddit secret Santa exchange, but unfortunately found out she did not properly link her account and is unable to participate. She already signed up to be a regifter.

I was hoping some redditors could do me a favor and help come up with a list of ideas of things to get her based on her secret santa profile. I am already getting her a Xmas gift from me personally, but was hoping to recreate the secret santa spirit by getting her some items a random redditor chose based on her secret santa profile. This is what she wrote here:

Notes to Help Your Santa


I’n Annie, 20 years old, she/her/hers pronouns but tbh idec (casual r/egg_irl user here <3)

I’m an economics student studying with the ultimate goal of going into some remote consulting job, and moving out to a pretty eastern European country edith decent wifi and rural vibes.

Favorite athlete? Actors? Entertainers?

Tom Hiddleston, BTS, Green Day, Nightwish, Three Days Grace, Coldplay

Favorite book, authors?

Vampire Academy, Stephanie Plum

Favorite Games?

League of Legends, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Cards Against Humanity

My hobbies include

  • baking (trying to get into gluten free baking for my boyfriend uwu)

  • listening to sus but satisfying ASMR on youtube

  • watching my surrogate youtube ‘Fathers JackSepticEye and Markiplier

  • reading parenting forums/books (slight baby fever </3 awaiting until i graduate and have a secure environment for them first tho)

  • listening to music

  • reading/watching weird shit. If you sent me a dead animal i shouldn’t mind. pls don’t but i wouldnt mind.

Favorite food/snacks

Sugar free monster + cheese sticks have been the staple of my diet <3

I created a (currently empty) amazon wishlist that people can add things to, but if you guys have other ideas please feel free to just comment them

If you have any questions feel free to ask or pm me! Thank you for the help!

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