Charity Project in Turkey this Christmas : Gifts

Hi Guys,

My friend is a school teacher working in Turkey village and recently she has been in a mess that she couldn’t deliver her lesson.

All the classes have been switched into online learning and she can only conduct the online classes with the kids. But the internet is really limited in the village, this isn’t the worst, the key point is that MOST OF THE KIDS DONT EVEN HAVE A PROPER ONLINE DEVICE for them to access the internet or class.

I know it is hard to imagine since we are all living in a wealthy society, my heart is touched whenever I see the photos from her. Usually the class size are around 30 kids, but now only handful kids can attend her lessons, (max around 3 kids everytime). It is heartbreaking to see this situation under covid, it just makes everyone’s life harder, but still it is encourage to see how hardworking the kids are despite the limited resources they have.

Education is the only chance for those kids to twist their life and I wish this basic human right can be protected. Guys I desperately need your help to guard the future of the kids. Your generous and selfless donation will strengthen ongoing efforts to provide a quality and equitable education for the children in the another part of this world.

(Sorry guys I know GOFUNDME is the most popular website but it isn’t available in my region, I created in different website and hope to give you guys the best convenience to donate)

Guys sorry for my language if somehow I cant explain my campaign or charity project clearly since I am not from a English speaking country. But the funding will be used to purchase the hardware or contact other local charity/ NGO in the village. I will keep the post updated if I start it successfully.

Any donation on the electronic devices will be welcomed too. I know you guys are from allover the world. Please contact me at : , I will personally cover the shipment or all other related expenditure.

Thank you guys, Merry Christmas and Stay Safe

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